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An easy-to-learn, tactical Western shoot 'em up for 2 or more players where no two games are ever the same!

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Gunsmoke Trail is LIVE on Amazon.com!
18 days ago – Mon, Apr 01, 2024 at 07:44:48 PM

Howdy, y'all!

We're thrilled to announce that today marks the official launch of "Gunsmoke Trail," the highly anticipated novel set in the immersive universe of High Noon. Available now on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle, this thrilling addition to the High Noon saga is sure to captivate and inspire fans old and new alike.

To all our Ride or Die backers, don't forget to access the online forum for the step-by-step instructions on how to claim your free copy of "Gunsmoke Trail." Your unwavering support has made this journey possible, and we're excited to share this next chapter with you.

For everyone else, now is the perfect time to dive into the wild west adventure of High Noon. Purchase your copy of "Gunsmoke Trail" on Amazon today and join us as we ride the trails of adventure, intrigue, and suspense.

Thank you for your continued support, partners. Together, we'll make "Gunsmoke Trail" a bestseller and continue to expand the High Noon universe for years to come.


Get Paid to Play! (High Noon's Deputy Program and other exciting updates!)
23 days ago – Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 02:38:30 PM

Howdy, High Noon gunslingers!

Hold onto your hats, because we've got some thrilling updates brewing on the horizon. Get ready to saddle up and join us for an exciting ride through the wild west as we unveil what's in store for the world of High Noon.

USA Shipping Update:

We've noticed that some of you have received partial orders, sparking understandable concerns about the status of your shipments. Rest assured, your goods haven't been forgotten – there's simply been a hitch in the giddy-up along the way.

It turns out there's a major issue with the fulfillment center's local USPS station, causing a mix-up in the delivery process. While your High Noon treasures are indeed on their way, they've been separated from each other during their journey.

For more details on the situation, you can check out this article: USPS Problems Cause Delays at Metro Atlanta Facility

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue. Your High Noon adventure is still on the horizon – it's just taking a little detour through the wild west of postal service woes.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Gunsmoke Trail Book Update:

The wait is nearly over – we're just a few days away from the much-anticipated launch of "Gunsmoke Trail" on Amazon.com! This thrilling addition to the High Noon universe is set to hit virtual shelves very soon, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you.

But wait, there's more! You can now secure your copy of "Gunsmoke Trail" by pre-ordering it on Kindle. Simply click here to place your pre-order: Gunsmoke Trail Pre-Order on Kindle

We're on a mission to ride this launch all the way to the top of the Amazon best seller charts, and we need your help to make it happen. Pre-ordering the book will greatly boost our metrics and increase our chances of reaching best seller status. So, saddle up and show your support by pre-ordering your copy today!

For those without a Kindle, fear not – "Gunsmoke Trail" will also be available in paperback format starting April 1st, using the same link provided above. Ordering the book on April 1st will be a crucial step in propelling us toward best seller status, so mark your calendars and be sure to place your order on that date.

Attention, Ride or Die posse members! 

Instructions on how to claim your free copy of "Gunsmoke Trail" have been posted in the Ride or Die forum. Head over there to see how you can obtain your complimentary book and join us on this thrilling adventure.

Thank you for your continued support, partners. Together, we'll make "Gunsmoke Trail" a best seller and continue to ride the trails of adventure in the High Noon universe.

Happy reading!

Forum Update:

We're thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new category in our forum dedicated to special announcements related to all things High Noon. This new section will serve as your go-to destination for exciting updates, exclusive offers, and important news straight from the wild west.

To kick off the debut of this exciting new section, we're thrilled to share our very first announcement with you: a special promo code for 10% off your next order of High Noon products!

Head over to the forum now to grab the promo code and unlock savings on your favorite High Noon goodies. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer – saddle up and seize the savings today!

Thank you for being an essential part of our High Noon community. We can't wait to share more exciting announcements with you in the days to come.

Deputy Program:

We're excited to announce the official launch of our High Noon Deputy Program – a fantastic opportunity for you, our loyal fans, to get rewarded for spreading the word about the game you love!

As a High Noon Deputy, you'll receive your very own unique referral link that you can share far and wide to introduce the world to the excitement of High Noon. Here's how it works:

  • Sign up as a High Noon Deputy to receive your unique referral link.
  • Share your link with friends, family, and fellow gamers.
  • Earn a generous 15% commission on your customers' first orders, and 5% on all future orders those customers make!

But that's not all! With our user-friendly Deputy platform, you'll be able to track your clicks, conversions, and commissions with ease. Plus, commissions are paid out monthly directly to your bank account, making it even easier to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Seating is limited for this exclusive program, so don't delay – sign up today to secure your spot and start earning rewards as a High Noon Deputy!

To join the Deputy Program, simply head over to shop.highnoongame.com and click on the Deputy Program link in the top menu to get deputized today!

Free Gold!:

To help you kickstart your Deputy commissions, from now until April 8, we are giving away a free pack of chips and gold upgrades to every order containing a High Noon Starter Set. Share this with your friends, family, and network of gamers or use it for yourself and enjoy the free upgrade!

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for High Noon. Together, we'll ride the trails of adventure and spread the word far and wide!

Happy promoting, partners!

more excitement and thrills on the horizon.

So, keep your spurs jingling and your cards to your chest, partners. The wild west awaits, and we can't wait to share more thrilling updates with you in the days to come.

Until next time, happy trails and may your High Noon adventures be filled with excitement, laughter, and endless possibilities!


High Noon: The Next Chapter
about 1 month ago – Wed, Mar 20, 2024 at 10:18:04 AM

Howdy, High Nooners!

I hope this update finds you all in high spirits and ready for some thrilling news from the wild west! I couldn't be more excited to share the latest developments with you as we ride closer to the showdown. Your unwavering support has been the backbone of this journey, and I'm incredibly grateful for each and every one of you.

So, saddle up and get ready to rustle some excitement, because we've got some exciting updates to share that'll make you feel like you're right in the heart of the action. Let's dive right in!

Shipping Status: USA

Partnering with our dedicated fulfillment team, we've been making steady strides in getting High Noon into the eager hands of our backers across the USA. It brings me immense joy to report that the majority of our USA backers have already received their games and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! From coast to coast, backers are diving headfirst into the action-packed world of High Noon and loving every moment.

Your enthusiasm fuels our determination to deliver an exceptional gaming experience, and seeing your smiling faces as you hold High Noon in your hands is truly the highlight of this journey. Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to ensure that every backer receives their game without delay.

Shipping Status: Canada

We encountered a slight delay in the fulfillment process as our dedicated team worked diligently to ensure that all VAT information for each item was meticulously prepared before shipping could commence.

I'm thrilled to confirm that as of today, our fulfillment center has everything they need to kickstart the shipping process to Canada! This means that your eagerly anticipated copies of High Noon will soon be making their way across the border and into your hands.

While delays are never ideal, please rest assured that we're doing everything in our power to expedite the process and get your games to you as swiftly as possible. Your patience and understanding during this time are greatly appreciated, and I'm confident that the wait will be well worth it once you're immersed in the thrilling world of High Noon.

Shipping Status: Europe

Almost all backers in Europe have now received their goods, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the positive feedback pouring in from across the continent. However, I must address a challenge we've encountered regarding the shipping of large items.

Shipping large goods from out of the country has proven to be a bit trickier than anticipated. Couriers are encountering difficulties discerning the true value of these items compared to what was initially paid for in the pledge. As a result, the majority of large pledges have been returned to us.

In response to this setback, we've had to get creative in our approach to fulfill these pledges. While it's been a complex puzzle to solve, rest assured that we are working tirelessly to address this issue. We've already begun implementing innovative solutions, and I'm pleased to report that we're making steady progress.

Additionally, please be aware that because the goods are being shipped from out of the country and not from our fulfillment center inside Europe, there may be additional fees from the courier that backers will need to pay to retrieve their goods. Unfortunately, we have no control over these fees.

Your patience and understanding during this time are invaluable to us as we navigate these challenges. We're committed to ensuring that every backer receives their rewards in full, and we won't rest until every large pledge is successfully fulfilled.

Shipping Status: Asia Pacific

Exciting news, partners! We've been receiving delightful notifications from our backers overseas, confirming the safe arrival of their High Noon packages. With each delivery reaching its destination, we're one step closer to ensuring that every backer in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, receives their eagerly awaited games.

Your patience and enthusiasm throughout this journey have been truly remarkable, and we can't thank you enough for your unwavering support. Rest assured, we're working diligently to ensure that all remaining shipments reach their destinations swiftly and safely.

The Next Chapter

In my vision for High Noon, I've always aimed to expand the brand into multiple arenas of entertainment through a richly developed universe. That's why the Starter Set included a map of the Great State of Saratoga, complete with key locations and landmarks where pivotal events occur and characters originate.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of the backers for the board game. Now, it's time to begin expanding into those areas, starting with my first thrilling announcement: my debut book, "Gunsmoke Trail."

Review Copy!

Synopsis: In Saratoga's unforgiving expanse, ambition breeds shadowy alliances and treachery. Governor McGrady, fearing the loss of his reign, manipulates the notorious gang Los Hermanos to maintain a facade of order. As McGrady's machinations unfold, Bonnie Beecher, the "Vigilante Virtuosa," and her Bandero Blondes rise in defiance, unwittingly caught in the governor's deceptive web. Meanwhile, Colonel Davis McAtte seeks vengeance, his quest intersecting with the grand designs of the cunning Diedrick Von Vatican, whose Vatican Ranch lies at the epicenter of these converging fates. Montana Azul plots within Vatican's formidable dominion, intending to use Bonnieas bait in a lethal bid for his own freedom, ensnaring the vigilant McAtte and his silent ally Monco. As the Rio de Estela courses through this rugged land, it echoes the entangled lives of those driven toward Vatican Ranch, where strategies clash and deceptions are revealed beneath the high western sun.

The climax simmers in the desolate town of Purgatory, where deceit, retribution, and elusive redemption collide at High Noon. Here, against the backdrop of High Noon's immersive board game universe, each character confronts their dark past and uncertain future, their tales weaving a tapestry of raw intensity that defines the wild heart of Saratoga.

This gripping narrative adds color and character to the expansion posses that backers currently possess and are also available at the High Noon store. It delves deep into the backstory of key figures and locales, enriching the overall High Noon experience and offering new layers of depth to the gameplay.

The book is scheduled to be released on Amazon on April 1st, 2024, and backers will soon be able to pre-order the book on Amazon Kindle.

Backers who went All-In on this Kickstarter will have the opportunity to receive the book for free. However, due to the nature of publishing, it will require a few extra steps. Once the book is live on the Amazon marketplace, I will share a post in the High Noon Ride or Die forum detailing the necessary steps to receive your free copy.

Every purchase of the book helps to get it listed as a Best Seller, which will go a long way to support the brand. So, please consider pre-ordering and/or purchasing the book for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member. Sharing a link to the book with others will also help spread the word and support the High Noon universe!

Spreading the Word

Now that High Noon is out and backers are receiving their games, it's time to share the excitement with the world! I'm currently working on crafting social media ads to introduce High Noon to a wider audience, and I could use all the help I can get from our amazing backers.

If you're eager to contribute to the cause, I'm in need of photos and videos showcasing the fun and excitement of playing High Noon. Here's what I'm looking for:

Photos: Capture moments of laughter and enjoyment as you and your friends or family play High Noon. Show off the game and its miniatures on tables or displays in your home. For the best results, shoot in the highest resolution possible and use Portrait mode on your cell phone to blur out any background, making you and your game the focal point of the shot. Frame the pictures for 1x1 square photos, as that's what will ultimately be posted in social media ads.

Videos: Record videos that highlight the fun and engaging experience of playing High Noon. Include shots of laughter and excitement as players interact with the game. For the best quality, shoot in the highest resolution and use Cinematic mode on your cell phone to create a blurred background effect. Feel free to include cinematic shots of hands playing cards and moving miniatures around to showcase the immersive gameplay experience.

Once you've compiled your photos and videos, shoot me a DM and I will send you a instructions on how to submit them for use.

Your contributions will play a crucial role in spreading the word about High Noon and attracting new players to join the adventure. Together, we can make High Noon a household name in the gaming community!

To all our incredible backers, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm throughout this journey. High Noon wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you, and I'm endlessly grateful for your trust in bringing this wild west adventure to life.

As the High Nooniverse continues to grow and evolve, I'm thrilled to share even more exciting updates and adventures with you in the days to come. Your passion and dedication drive us forward, and I can't wait to see where the trail leads next.

Until then, keep your spurs jingling and your cards shuffling and don't forget to join our community on all platforms. The wild west awaits!

Birthday Update!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Mar 05, 2024 at 12:57:16 PM

Y’all know what time it is!

Well, technically, it’s quite a few weeks early for an update, but today is my birthday!

But enough about me.

Really, a lot has happened, enough for an update, so I wanted to get this one out there for you all.

Last weekend, I made the day-long pilgrimage to our fulfillment center in Atlanta to apply the Origin Marks to the packages for Customs release. Bridge Distribution was gracious to allow me to work overnight in their warehouse, combing through pallets of games and making an absolute mess of what little free space they had on the warehouse floor.

Kickstarter discontinued the ability to upload videos in the updates, but you can view them on our Facebook group here: (3) High Noon Official Group | Warehousing Wednesdays | Facebook

I’m elated to announce that Customs has fully released the games and expansions for delivery! What’s more, despite having several projects in front of us, Bridge – the amazing supporter of this campaign that they are – stepped up and immediately began fulfilling pledges as soon as we got the green light.

This means many of you in the USA and Canada should start receiving your packages in just weeks, if not days from this update!

Pledges continue to roll out as we are officially in the fulfillment phase of the campaign! I couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift.

Keep an eye out for shipping notifications and deliveries!

As for the High Noon Store, I received emails from several people unable to place orders due to undeliverable addresses. This issue was entirely my mistake as I forgot to update the shipping settings in the store for US and Canada orders. This issue now appears to be resolved as a few of you have been able to place orders and I just shipped them out from my office.

If you tried to place an order and were unable to for this reason, please try again and if the problem persists, please contact me via DM or through Facebook or Discord and I will immediately look into it.

All proceeds from the online sales go directly toward paying off the outstanding balances for all of our vendors involved in getting you these games, so every little bit helps and I can’t thank you all enough for your continued support.

Please consider sharing the online store with your friends and family and encourage others to try out the game as our success currently depends on word-of-mouth.

We’re almost finished with our European backers, so if you haven’t gotten your games yet, just know you are on the shortlist and should be getting your expansions very soon.

Thank you all again for your continued support and patience as we work around the clock to wrap up this incredible journey in getting High Noon to all of your tables!

February Update - Almost on The Road Again
about 2 months ago – Fri, Feb 23, 2024 at 05:05:52 PM

Hello friends,

As usual, I’ve been holding out on an update until there was something to actually update you on. That time has come.

This is an update on the status of the USA shipping, something we’ve all been waiting on for quite some time.

A lot has happened over the past few weeks, a lot of emotions have been poured out, a lot of anxiety and prayer. I’m going to tell you a bit about it but if you don’t care to know, you can find the official status down below under “Shipping Status,” so just scroll down until you see that.

For the rest of you, here’s the story of this past month…

As you may have followed from the tracking link on the update from last month, the cargo bound for the USA reached port of Savannah back on February 5th. But this was not the only container that arrived in the USA.

I’ve done my best to lay out to all of you my vision for the High Noon brand and its future. This Kickstarter served as the first seed of that venture. As I’ve said before, unlike most Kickstarters for games (and this is not anything against those Kickstarters), this campaign was never intended to be a one-shot. The goal here has always been to launch a bold brand with a strong and wide reach of products: Hit the market hard and use that momentum to keep on going.

At the end of the day, all of you would have a copy of the game and its expansions for your support and the brand itself would have enough inventory to sell and grow capital for future productions, expansions and even other areas of the entertainment industry (merchandising, toys, books, shows, films, etc.)

That sell-off inventory arrived at my office on a separate container on February 7th, just 2 days after your copies arrived at the port warehouse for delivery to our fulfillment center.

However, unlike my sell-off inventory that arrived without incident, your items were sharing a container with other importers and needed to be offloaded at the Customs warehouse for sorting. It was there in the warehouse that Customs identified a small – yet significant oversight, one I, myself am directly responsible for.

Despite the cases for all of the items marking their country of origin, the packaging for each individual unit was missing such a mark. It is in the artwork files, but – in my haste to complete the packaging artwork for all of the items – I forgot to move the mark out from under the barcode graphics when I repositioned them, resulting in them not being on the final print work.

As a result, Customs held the cargo until the items could be labeled. This is entirely my fault.

I was not aware of this issue until a week later when they delivered the news to us. By then, the cargo had been on hold in the warehouse for that week, accruing storage fees.

I was advised that this happens a lot and importers are usually allowed a conditional release of their cargo, provided they mark the items with labels before shipping. This worked in my favor because there were some barcode mismatches anyway and several items needed to be re-barcoded. Adding the “Made In China” text to the barcodes was a very simple fix and one we could do at the fulfillment center.

However, it seemed our cargo was singled out from the tens of thousands of shipments that pass through the port every month, where Customs had decided not to allow the provisional release and was instead requiring me to have the warehouse label the products. The quote to re-label everything came back to the tune of several thousands of dollars, money I simply don't have after everything I have endured to get the cargo this far.

My shipper spent the next 2 weeks working with the Customs agent to reach a solution, but it didn’t seem like Customs was willing to budge on the issue.

Last week, I was made aware of the situation in its entirety and my heart sank into my stomach. With no way to pay the warehouse to label the items, it seemed as if everything I had worked so hard for and all the patience you all have given to me and this campaign would ultimately end in nothing, all because of a simple sticker on a package.

So I reached out to Customs myself and I spoke to them about my situation and their concerns. At first, they were very frustrated with me because they’d already gone over this with my shipper. But after they heard my story, I could hear a crack of sympathy in their voice.

The agent expressed to me her concern that anyone could promise anything and go off and do whatever they wanted once their shipment was released and, given that I had no track record to show for myself, there was no telling what I’d do.

I told them I’d do anything to make it right, even drive up to the port with my own labels and fix everything in front of them if I had to.

The agent told me to send her photos of my proposed solution and she would try and push a conditional release “up the chain,” something that would likely take weeks to do, if successful.

Fortunately, I had labels at my office, as well as a stash of inventory to showcase, so I labeled a few items with the barcodes and markings and sent them to her immediately.

That was a week ago. For an entire week, we were met with radio silence and growing storage fees.

Then the weekend hit.

Then the holiday.

Then Monday.

Then Tuesday.

On Wednesday, with no word from Customs, we received our first invoice from the warehouse, a bill equaling the amount to label the items, doubling a fee I already couldn’t afford.

I was demoing High Noon at a local game store at the time and my gut sank even lower. Here I was, showcasing my game to people, while silently mulling over the very real possibility that I wouldn’t have a game at all by tomorrow.

A thought occurred to me, I could fulfill almost all of the pledges with what I had in my possession, but not everything. The upgrade tiles would need to be reproduced, as well as the Kickstarter Expansion loot, a few thousand dollars expense I could eventually afford, but would be months – if not a year – out to fulfill to you all.

And even then, I would have nothing left. Without inventory to sell, that would be the end of my game, I’d have made good on my commitment to you, at the cost of everything in the future.

It was an outcome I wasn’t happy with, but one in which my conscience could rest.

I have always promised not just you all but also myself that I would never allow High Noon to fall into the category of the litany of Kickstarters that took your money and ran. Come Hell or High Noon, you would all get your games and expansions.

Still, that would be a last resort.

I had phoned a friend, who is close with our Congressman, for a lifeline. Though I’m not in the same state as the fulfillment center, we are neighboring states and Congressmen tend to mingle on Capitol Hill. It was a long shot, but another friend had done the same and gotten his music venue approved by the city council across the boarder, the very next day. Miracles could happen.

It was after that phone call, standing outside the game store, that I felt a sudden wave of relief wash over me.

Miracles have happened.

You’ll recall while I was at Essen, the miracle of the delivery of our games to the port, clearing German Customs and delivered just as the show began, something nobody had ever seen before.

Standing in the parking lot, I was reminded by a voice in my head of the prayer I prayed in Essen, “God, if you want these games here, nothing can stop them from getting here. And if you don’t want them here, nothing I do will get them here. And if you don’t want them here, it’s because you have another plan in mind and it’s not for me to know, say or decide what that plan is. Your will be done.”

In that moment, I released everything to Him and went back inside to finish my demo.

This morning, as I sat at my office desk to print out my documents to submit to my Congressman, I received an email from the Customs Agent. She had finally gotten caught up with her emails from the holiday weekend and reviewed my proposal.

“Looks perfect!” She said.

And just like that, we got our conditional release.

My friends, we aren’t out of the woods yet, but we are close. And that brings us to the…

Shipping Status

As of today, the goods have been released, but we still need to get them trucked over to Atlanta, about a 4 hour journey. From there, the goods need to be offloaded, unpacked, labeled and documented for Customs and then processed for fulfillment.

We are shooting for a Monday delivery to the fulfillment center. There are some scheduling issues with another container at the fulfillment center so the window is VERY tight, but everyone is working around the clock to get this done.

As for me, I will personally be heading up to Atlanta – a 6 hour drive for me – to personally label each and every one of the 4,000+ units.

Once that’s done, fulfillment can officially begin.

That’s how close we are.

Now to a different subject that’s even more difficult for me to bring up, but I have no choice at this point…

 Stop the Bleeding

Given everything that we have endured over the last 6 years, if High Noon has any hope of success, we need to stop the bleeding immediately. I simply cannot afford any additional costs and I refuse to pass that on to you. It’s not your fault, nor your responsibility.

But it does need to happen.

There are still bills to be paid, fulfillment centers that haven’t even begun shipping and will be issuing invoices to me very soon. There’s still a balance on the containers as well. The shipper has been very gracious to work with me on those but they need to be paid also.

Furthermore, while the warehouse has agreed to stop charging me for storage – provided the cargo is picked up by Monday – there is still the outstanding invoice of several thousands of dollars to release the cargo so it can be delivered to the fulfillment center.

Thankfully, I have been blessed by two incredible and supportive parents who have stepped up more than once to help me see this campaign to its conclusion. They’ve agreed to cover the bill just so I can get the games to you all. I will never be able to put into words how much encouragement they have given me through this entire endeavor, nor will I be able to thank them enough for coming through in my darkest hours. This truly is a family business, through and through.

That said, I have inventory to sell and I need to sell it. So as of this writing, I am opening up the High Noon shop to US customers. All sales from the shop are going directly to the costs of finishing this campaign out and getting you your games.

I don’t like it. I feel dirty just doing it, but I don’t see any other way to stay afloat at this juncture and I am throwing myself on the mercy of you all to understand my situation. I have never wavered in my commitment to you all, and I don't intend to waver now.

What does that mean for all of you? Well, grabbing a few packs of chips and token upgrades to finish out your own collections goes a long way to help cover the gap. Thinking about a gift for a relative or friend? Consider grabbing a copy of High Noon and some expansions to share the love. OR grab a copy through the store for yourself and gift your pledge to someone you know and love when it arrives.

I know many of you put up all you can afford, especially in this economy, so simply spreading the word far and wide that High Noon is available is more than enough.

Talk to your local game stores about carrying High Noon and have them reach out to start a wholesale order with us.

I know I keep saying it, but it gets truer every day: we are nearing the finish line on this campaign and you’ll all be playing High Noon with your friends and family sooner than you think.

For those of you in the Asia Pacific, Australia, etc. we are nearing the week 5 mark, for delivery to the fulfillment center in Taiwan. If I don’t get an update from VFI on Monday, I will reach out for word and let you all know the status.

While in Atlanta next week, I will be at Discover Games to run some High Noon skirmishes and socialize with gamers. If you’re in the area, consider coming by to say hello, support your local business and play a game with me.

This concludes February’s update. I look forward to delivering a thrilling update in March as you all begin to receive your thrilling emails with tracking numbers!

Thank you everyone.

Until next time!