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An easy-to-learn, tactical Western shoot 'em up for 2 or more players where no two games are ever the same!

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Pledge manager update! (And a couple of other things)
almost 3 years ago – Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 03:14:42 AM

I know it seems quiet around here, but I assure you things couldn’t be farther from. I know I spoiled you guys with updates just about every other day during the campaign, but there was a lot to talk about then. I’m not a fan of pushing updates when there’s nothing substantive to talk about. “We’re still working on it! Thanks for your patience!” just isn’t worthy of an update. Maybe that’s just me. That said, a lot has been going on behind the scenes to get the pledge manager up and running for you guys. And while it took longer than I wanted, it’s nearly ready to go live so I figured now is the time to poke my head out and let you all in on what we’ve been up to, where we are at, what we are facing and what the future holds for all of us.

First, the pledge manager. As I’m told, it can take months for a pledge manager to go live. Fortunately that’s not the case with High Noon, but after spending the last 3 weeks plowing through it, I can see why it would take that long for some. This really is the best way to show off all that a Kickstarter project has to offer. It’s like creating your own personal Amazon, complete with various products that all have their own listings with pictures and descriptions, etc. Of course, this meant the necessity of creating all of those images and descriptive content. This was no easy task, but it needed to be done anyway.

One of the great things about our pledge manager, Backerkit, is the ability to include our locked stretch goals in the offering as a 2nd chance to unlock them. By allowing each stretch goal to be its own item in the pledge manager store, this also makes it possible for you the community to choose which stretch goals you want to unlock, vs the fixed model required on Kickstarter (since there really isn’t a stretch goal function on their platform). So what you’re going to see when the pledge manager goes live is all of the planned stretch goals we had for the campaign and how many orders of them are required to go into production. 

If they aren’t unlocked, you won’t get charged, so it’s another risk-free way to get us where we need to be. I also polled the community to see which posses were most important to you and – based on your responses – I created 2 stretch goal bundles to save on the cost and speed up the unlocks.

In the retailer communities I’m in, I’m hearing that a lot of campaigns aren’t providing anything beyond the pledge tiers for retailers to grab. I continue to be amazed at how much retailers reward this bad behavior, but whatever. All of the items in High Noon’s pledge manager will also be available to retailers at wholesale prices and all retailer purchases of stretch goals will contribute to unlocking them. So even if you aren’t a retailer, if you know a retailer in your area, direct them to our Kickstarter page so they can put in their orders to help unlock all of the stretch goals!

The Retailer All-In loot

“But if the Kickstarter is closed, how can they jump in?” Great question, me! Another awesome feature of our pledge manager is that it also has a public pre-order page where anyone can order High Noon games and expansions just like you! They won’t be getting the Kickstarter Exclusives, but they’ll be getting everything else and just like the retailer pledges, all purchases made through the pre-order store will also go towards unlocking the stretch goals. So really you should be telling everyone about it. The more the word spreads around, the wider the audience, the more purchases and the greater the chance of unlocking these awesome expansions!

OK, so about the launch date: We are going into the review phase today. It can take up to 2 business days to pass review. Once it passes, we go live. My objective is to have the pledge manager launch May 1st, 2021 (this Saturday). From there, I will keep the pledge manager open for the month of May and lock everyone’s orders in on June 1st.

So there you have it. There’s the projected launch date of the pledge manager, provided we pass review in time. Keep your fingers crossed.

“But if you’re closing the pledge manager on June 1st, how are we getting our games in May?”

Short answer: You’re probably not. And here comes the bad news portion of this update, so brace yourselves because the past few weeks wasn’t all sunshine.

I’m not at a place right now to point fingers and cast blame anywhere. Right now I want to focus on getting the games to all of you as soon as humanly possible. But here’s the macro of the situation, we hit a hard wall of two problems:

1) This industry really isn’t ready for a crowdfund project that already has product produced. As simple as that concept sounded to us, it was like speaking an alien language to people we have been told and assured are industry experts. This “language barrier” compounded with a  highly questionable - yet widely accepted - standard of doing business that I may dive into in another update has led to an unfortunate delay of nearly two weeks just to get things moving.

2) OK, so believe it or not, there’s actually something to this shipping issue that has become a meme on social media. Brief summary: The whole world ordered a bunch of stuff from China and didn’t send anything back, so now there’s a container shortage crisis. We had a container for our goods, but the moment our logistics partner arranged for multiple containers to go out to the various countries, that went out the window. It’s not their fault, it just is what it is. And apparently this all started back in November of 2020.

No this doesn’t mean you’ll be waiting for the production run of the expansions to get your starter set. The sets have been palletized. They’re in a shipping queue. They’ll go out as soon as an opening shows up. But I don’t have a timeline on that just yet and – as I said earlier – I don’t like to talk about things when there’s nothing to talk about. I’ve been focused on the pledge manager. Now that’s pretty much done, I can turn my attention toward the fulfillment issue and see if I can’t push it along any faster. But that’s where we are currently. I know it’s a buzzkill. But on the bright side, you’ll still be getting High Noon faster than almost every other board game campaign out there.

Last bit of bad news: We failed to unlock the 4th stretch goal.

Unfortunately, it’s true. During the process of charging pledges, we had 19 backers drop out, resulting in a 2,858.00 loss to the final fund, which ended up being $119,547.00, just $453 shy of the stretch goal.

Here's a screenshot straight from Kickstarter

Obviously I have mixed feelings about this. A lot of people reached out to me about their current life situations and I get it, things happen. But there were some people who claimed they were going to step up and they didn’t. They definitely stepped somewhere, just not here. We aren’t entitled to their support, of course. But it doesn’t help soothe the burn.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching on this issue. We worked so hard to stretch every nickel we could, to make the stretch goals as achievable as possible without going bankrupt. There simply isn’t any more juice to squeeze. But you guys also put your money where your mouth was. We all worked as a team to get where we are today and sacrifice went around the table. After meeting with the team, we all agreed it wouldn’t be right to switch things up so dramatically on everyone so here’s the deal…

We are producing Father Franklin.

I’m going out of pocket on this one. I’ll cover the difference required to get him on the production line. That means everyone who is all-in will be getting Father Franklin as planned. Everyone else can purchase him as an add-on. So that doesn’t change.

FREE with the all-in pledge!

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to give everyone that extra add-on. And I’m really sorry about that. I really wanted to do it. But we didn’t make the goal and at some point, I have to draw the line.

I know it’s a punch in the gut. But there’s always next time. If you’re all-in, you’re getting everything we make in the future and just to show you there IS a future, here’s a sneak peak at the next expansion coming down the line…

There's another character in the works, but his artwork isn't done yet. This will be a Worker Placement posse where you can choose to have characters on the battlefield duking it out, or keep them in the Montorro Range mines, digging for gold and other precious resources to forge into powerful upgrades for your posse!

Look, guys, I don’t want this to be doom-and-gloom. Yes, some expectations are taking a hit. But these things happen. This was our first campaign and I still believe it was a massive success. We still have a lot to prove to you all and the rest of the world that not only is High Noon a great game worthy of spotlight, but that the team behind the game isn’t just another fly-by-night scam or disappointment but rather a team that backers can look forward to in future campaigns.

Some guys launch unheard-of projects with absolutely nothing but a deck of cards and for whatever reason, nobody questions their value and they wake up to half-a-million dollars. That kind of fortune has never been the case for us. We have always had to not only work insanely hard for what we get but also face down unrelenting doubt and accusations from the outside world until we show up and prove ourselves. Would the lazy side of our lizard brains prefer the easy path? Sure. But it’s this kind of adversity and grit that has made us who we are, strengthening our resolve and integrity.

We got a lot of heat from people who don’t know us, calling us out as “first time creators.” No we’re not. This may be our first Kickstarter rodeo, but it’s not remotely the first time we’ve ever created or launched an idea/product/service into the public sphere. We proved ourselves to those who know us and we’ll prove ourselves to you and the rest of the world by getting you not just the High Noon game, but also the premium service that comes with being a member of the High Noon posse.

And once we prove ourselves, we’ll come back with a campaign that is bigger and better than ever. We’ll have a multi-million dollar campaign one day. When that happens, it’ll be because we earned it, and it’ll be successful because the value will justify it.

Until then, I do thank you for your patience as we get through these teething issues, finding our feet in this wild west crowdfunding industry.

That's a Wrap! 200% Funded! Success x2! (Now What?)
almost 3 years ago – Tue, Apr 06, 2021 at 02:50:04 AM

This last month has been unlike anything I have ever experienced nor could put to justice in words. It was humbling, thrilling and exhausting all at once and probably the most efficient weight loss program I've ever participated in. 😅

We set out to raise the capital needed to produce the first 4 expansions and right out of the gate, our loyal gang rode in and funded the entire run in just under 7 hours. Sure, it wasn't "funded in seconds!" But our goal wasn't fake and artificially low beyond all manner of reason either. Our goal was exactly what it needed to be to dutifully produce what we'd promised and we did it. You did it.

But you didn't stop there. You kept pledging, kept supporting this enterprise. You kept the energy alive in the comments on the main page and in the updates. You spread the word far and wide in Facebook groups, on Board Game Geek, and everywhere you could to get the message to people to hear.

Despite all of the gate-keeping involved to keep High Noon out of the public eye by those in power, you fought back and fought hard and let them know you can't stop the signal, Mal.

It was an arduous adventure full of ups and downs - literally. We gained ground only to lose it the next day, even going days without any progress at all. Some had doubts we would unlock any of our stretch goals. But by the end, with less than 2 hours left in the campaign, we had unlocked not just 1 but 4 stretch goals, including the first stretch goal of the last campaign (that we failed to reach, by the way), Father Franklin. As if it couldn't be more poetic, the machine gun preacher was unlocked on Easter Sunday.

As a result, all backers (of the Starter Set and up) will be rewarded with a free upgrade pack of chips and gold, 27 Kickstarter Exclusive loot cards and a free unlocked expansion posse of their choice!

So what happens now?

With the Kickstarter completed, I've gotten inundated with messages all over the page, our Discord server and our Facebook group asking what the next steps are,  when games will be shipped out and how they can select their free expansion, etc.

So let me explain a little bit about what's going to happen next...

  • First, Kickstarter hasn't released any funds to us at this time. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to clear. 
  • Second, our fulfillment partner requested we break our shipment up among multiple fulfillment centers in the various regions around the world. This delayed our shipment process a bit (but not by much) so things are just now getting moving on that front.  I don't like to make predictions while there are still unknown variables at play, but we did set things up on the front end for this exact possibility, which is why the expected delivery of the Starter Set is May 2021 and not April 2021. While anything can still happen to throw a wrench in that plan, I still feel confident that - despite the delays - we are still on target for that delivery. That said, I'll be keeping you guys all updated on that front so you're not left in the dark.
  • Third, I wasn't given access to the pledge manager until the campaign concluded. I've been working non-stop on building that out. I'm wrestling with balancing this and daddy-duty at the moment, but I'm going to try and have it live in the next week.  I will say this, it's looking soooooo goooooooooooooood....

What's this pledge manager thing anyway?

For those of you who are knew to Kickstarter (like me), the pledge manager is how you actually get what you pledged for. See, Kickstarter doesn't actually keep track of exactly what you were pledging money for. They just track how much money you pledged. After a Kickstarter campaign ends, it's up to you what you actually assign that money to. It seems like double work because it is. That's what pledge managers are for.

There are a few pledge managers to choose from. In our case, we partnered with BackerKit who has been a tremendous help and their pledge manager is simply amazing.

Not only is the layout gorgeously simple, there are also some incredible features we'll be taking advantage of. Such as choose-your-own-stretch-goals.

That's right! Not only will every stretch goal we didn't unlock in the campaign be available to unlock in the pledge manager, it will be entirely chosen by you the backers.

Some of these expansions will be solo while others will be bundled together. Here is a sneak peak at one of those stretch goals within the pledge manager.

Draft only! Price and goal may change

This way you'll all have a second chance to unlock those posses you've been salivating over! What's more, by essentially acting as a pre-order/stretch goal hybrid, you'll only be charged for for these items if there are enough backers to unlock it.

It's like we said, we're 100% focused on growing our brand and offering and all of our resources are being reinvested into that effort to ensure we unlock as many of these posses in the shortest amount of time to become available for all of you in the All-In Ride or Die program.  Did you think you missed your chance to join the Ride or Die program? Don't worry. You can still hop onboard in the pledge manager. Upgrading your pledge to the Everything & the Stove pledge will lock you in to get everything we unlock in the pledge manager and roll out in the future.

So how will that work with the optional stretch goals such as the one listed above? 

Simple: We still have a fixed timeline for the stretch goals as well. For instance, Grizzly Greenwood is set to unlock at $135,000. Let's say that a bunch of backers either upgrade to the Ride or Die program or add a bunch of stuff to their pledges, but we don't get the 600 orders of the bundle above that would have unlocked Grizzly. Well, if the overall pledge total is $135,000 he will be unlocked anyway.

Think of it as a whichever-comes-first scenario.

Wait. If I upgrade to the Ride or Die, what happens if I also purchase the bundle above?

As you might expect, if the bundle above gets unlocked, you'll be getting two of it. If it doesn't, you won't be charged for it. And then, when they eventually get produced, you'll be getting them anyway.

So I'm just paying for two then? This doesn't make any sense. If I just upgrade to the Ride or Die then I won't have to purchase the bund-oooooooooooooh...

You're catching on! 🤠 But that's enough about the Ride or Die. Ultimately, with this pledge manager, you'll be able to design your High Noon experience however you want and that's really what High Noon has always been about.

So there's a snapshot of the very near future of High Noon! I've been working on the pledge manager all weekend and I wanted to take a moment from that to catch you all up to speed. I didn't want to go more than a day after the Kickstarter's end without giving you all an update. A lot of campaigns out there drop off the face of the Earth after their campaigns end, leaving people completely in the dark and that's simply not acceptable for a High Noon experience.

I'm going to be super busy on getting all of this post-Kickstarter stuff set up for you all, but if you ever need me for any reason, I'm here to answer your questions and concerns. As always, I'm also in the Discord Server and the Facebook page, so if you haven't joined those yet, feel free to do so. And subscribe to the YouTube channel for other updates, live streams and gameplay videos!

Until the next update!

Our Father, Who Art Unlocked! (And the FREE Add-On!)
almost 3 years ago – Tue, Apr 06, 2021 at 01:45:58 AM

We did it!

With your stalwart dedication and some last-minute support from retailers, we breached $120,000 (200% funded) and unlocked Father Franklin!

This also means everyone who pledged at a level with stretch goals will also be getting 9 more Kickstarter Exclusive loot cards AND an additional unlocked add-on free!

Father Franklin is now available in the Add-On store for $25. Of course, anyone who backed All-In is getting him for free 😉

What more needs to be said? Happy Easter, everyone!

A Tale of 2 Preachers (And a Scientist. And a Posse of Blondes)
almost 3 years ago – Sun, Apr 04, 2021 at 09:54:48 AM

NOTE: The following images include prototype assets hand-crafted by myself. The tiles are made from printed cardstock spray-glued onto cut-out foam board. The loot crates are folded cardstock I glued together. The playing cards are just printed cardstock I had at the office. They look like crap. But if anything, it just goes to show you the value of this game is and always has been in the gameplay.

Today, in celebration of our Kickstarter closing out, I met with one of my team, Jason (whom I met through the creation of High Noon and am honored to call a friend) at a local game venue called Darby's Dungeon to play a few rounds of High Noon and talk to some of the patrons about the game.

I haven't yet had a chance to play as Father Franklin (believe it or not, I rarely bet a chance to play the posses I create since I'm always trying to defeat them) so I picked the good reverend. Jason opted for Miroslav Zoric, the evil genius that he is. It was an interesting face-off. Essentially one vs one, Mano A Mano. Two men and their toys.

The stage is set!

In the map set-up process, I knew that height would be my only chance at defeating his towers, so I placed a hill just outside my starting location. Jason saw what I'd done and did the same thing. If he took to the high ground, I wouldn't have a chance. Fortunately, mine made for more firing options.

After setting out the loot crates and drawing our cards, we took the field, chasing our loot. I drew a double-barreled pistol. He drew a chest-plate. Great.  With the built-in +1 defense bonus on his loot, the only way I could damage him would be from the high ground, so I immediately charged the hill and took it.

Miroslav ran for another loot crate and drew 3 gold! Drat!

With Miroslav now 3 gold ahead and no shots fired, I knew I couldn't waste any time. So I deployed and played Father Franklin's ultimate card "The Shepherd's Prayer," adding additional damage as I let loose my machine gun! RATATATATATAT! My bullets ripped through his chest-plate before I had to reload. 

Knowing the only way to survive my onslaught would be another chest-plate, the unscathed scientist made a break for another loot crate.

I had a few Steps of the Righteous cards in my hand, which allowed me to move if I was attacked, so I undeployed and closed in on my own crate, if nothing else but to keep him from getting it. Miroslav reacted as I anticipated, dropping several turrets between us.  One of them attacked Miroslav, so I played my "get out of ouchie free" card and moved back up the hill and out of line-of-sight from the other turrets.

I looted the crate and drew a chest-plate, which kept him from drawing it once he reached his own crate. It was now or never, so I deployed again.

By now, I had cycled through my deck, shuffled and redrawn. As the Lord's favor would have it, I'd drawn The Shepherd's Prayer again. That poor, poor scientist man.

Emptying my entire hand of cards into Miroslav, there was simply not enough power in his generator to block all of my attacks and when mouth of the rifle stopped roaring and the smoke lifted from the front of the preachers' glasses, all that remained of the mad scientist was his smoldering, bullet-riddled corpse.

Evil has been vanquished!

Round 2

We had time for another game, so I thought it would be fitting to play as the Bandero Blondes since I just announced their publication on Tabletopia. Jason chose Father Franklin, this time. It was interesting to be playing against the same posse I'd just played as mere moments ago.

Building out the field, Jason - learning from the last game - positioned Maaravi's stage coach and platform near his starting location to get him the high ground straight away. This could be perilous to the Bandero Blondes who are not only not made of hit points but would also have almost no way of countering the preacher once he deployed as his deployed miniature would take up the entire platform. That was his plan, after all. The first few turns would be crucial to the Blondes' victory (if not merely survival).

The loot crates in the Bordello are placed according to their final version starting locations. This was just an older version.

Father Franklin went first, going for a loot crate and drawing a double-barreled pistol. But this put him out in the open for attack.

The Blondes' moved out, Bonnie taking point. Pressing the attack early on, she targeted the preacher's pinebox, putting a few holes in it. One Blonde looted a weapons crate, finding a very useful repeater rifle.

As the turns progressed, Father Franklin rushed as fast as he could for the magician's stage, but this only gave the Banderos time to widdle the pinebox down even more. This was their only chance to withstand the preacher. He couldn't use his machine gun against them if it was destroyed.

Finally reaching the stage, the reverend made his move and deployed. Turning his deadly machine gun on one of the charging Blonde's, his eyes squinted into focus down the iron sites and he squeezed the trigger...

But then he stopped. Just something about this beautiful woman in front of him, perhaps it was her innocence crying out for a savior, or maybe something more sinister, he simply couldn't find it in him to do her any harm. He couldn't hurt a lady.

This brief pause bought Miranda time to jump through the window of the Bordello and take a well-placed headshot on the Preacher, stunning him.

Bonnie used her dual pistols to blast both him and the pinebox and the Blonde with the repeater used two of her rounds to do the machine gun in.

Unable to recover, the Preacher had to watch as the deadly women closed in. The cover of his pinebox did little to protect him from their shotgun blasts and Bonnie's dual pistols. For the first time in his life, the Preacher lost his faith.

Packing up his pinebox, his righteous steps leapt him off the stage to dodge a hail of gun fire as he fled around the coach toward a nearby hill.

Bonnie watched him as her girls flanked him from both sides. It was only a matter of time, now.

Both posses exchanged gun fire as the preacher climbed the hill for an advantageous position while downing his chaplain field kit tonics to heal his wounds.

As the gunfire blazes, the silent sniper, Miranda, creeps around the corner of the coach, along the board walk of the Bordello to line up her target.

Unfortunately, for the good reverend, this plan backfired horrifically as the ground around him proved too unstable to deploy his pinebox. This realization came too late as he murmured "oh no..." looking up to see Miranda had him directly in her sights.

The deadly shot rang straight and true. Father Franklin stumbled back, the chains falling off his shoulders as his pinebox fell behind him. Wet blood began to soak his chest where his heart had burst. He felt the gaping hole and brought his hand away to see it dripping. Blessed as it was, he knew his journey had come to an end. With a soft smile, his legs gave way and he fell back into his open coffin, collapsed on top of his heavy machine gun. The sun warmed his face as his vision faded to black.

At least, I'm pretty sure that's how it happened.

Dang, Miranda. Take it easy!

The takeaway for both Jason and I was how incredibly balanced all of these posses are in their own way. Characters are tough to kill - even when it's inevitable they're going down - and nobody's guaranteed to walk out alive.

This was the first time I'd had a chance to play the Bandero Blondes in a long time. They're not a particularly powerful posse on their own, but when played together as an efficient team and they know what they're up against, they can be especially deadly. 

In the end, that's just it: Each posse requires their own strategy to play as, and that strategy can change drastically depending on who you're playing against.  It all comes down to how you play them. You're going to use a completely different strategy with your posse depending on who your enemy is. 

This is what I mean when I say that every posse you bring to the table adds exponential replay value, because it's not just how they play but who they're playing in opposition to. You'll find there are several ways to play the same posse and that's going to decide whether or not you walk away victorious at the end of the day.

After playing the Bandero Blondes and Father Franklin, I'm once again reminded of the question I get asked all the time: "Which is your favorite posse?" And once again, I find myself with the same answer: I have no idea. I had an absolute blast playing as both and I really want to play them again.

So tonight, that's what I'm going to do. And I want to invite you all to join me.

Starting at 10pm EST, I'll be getting a posse together to play High Noon live with friends and backers of the game just like you. I'd love for you to play a round with me, just to see this Kickstarter off to the great prairie in the sky. If you'd like to play High Noon and try out some of these exciting posses with me, join our Discord Server and I'll meet you there!

What did you think of this update? Who did you think would win in these two face-offs?  Are you ready to play with the creator of High Noon? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Have you joined our Facebook Group or Discord server? That's where the party's at! Use the links to come on over!

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The Last Night Is Ladies' Night! (New Posse Update!)
almost 3 years ago – Sun, Apr 04, 2021 at 06:47:29 AM

In the last hours of the Kickstarter, it's my great pleasure to finally be able to introduce the hotly anticipated vixens of violence...

On a little patch of bedraggled land in Oklahoma, a young Bonnie Beecher and her mute brother were the unfortunate victims of their alcoholic father and his barbarous abuse. Late one night, in a drunken rage, their father accidentally murdered their mother and Bonnie killed him with a tomahawk and a hammer. With blood on her dress and hands, she took her brother far away from that cursed place to seek refuge, a family and - hopefully - a better life elsewhere. 

Unfortunately, that never came to fruition for the children as they bounced between orphanages and foster homes, each with varying degrees of men who reminded Bonnie of their father. One faintest hint of alcohol or cruelty and the little girl would sweep her brother up into the night to find refuge somewhere else. Eventually, Bonnie resolved to her fate, left her brother at the doors of a church and walked away, into what would be the journey that would transform her life into the infamous outlaw.

What started as petty theft would ultimately lead to something of a righteous mission against all men who would assault and abuse women. A life coated in crime gave perfect opportunity for her to meet eligible, albeit unwilling, candidates to sharpen her deadly efficiency. But when the cause grew greater than her own capabilities, she knew she'd need help and it was obvious where to get it.

In a world of objectified and enslaved women, there were plenty eager and willing to release their own scorn on their violators and, one Sunday, in broad daylight, Bonnie Beecher strode into a busy bordello, shot a whiskey and then eleven men and walked out with a handful of "liberated" ladies who now roam the caravan trails, exacting vengeance and causing havoc on men across Saratoga making a name for themselves as the widow-making "Bandero Blondes."

This posse has a lot of layers I'm really excited about. The characters themselves are some of the most fleshed out in terms of backstory and where they go into the future of the universe. If everything works out and the comic or TV series see the light of day, Bonnie's arc is going to dominate an entire season of it. She's a villain, no doubt about it, but one that is very sympathetic and whom we grow to love, wish the best for, sometimes route for, and cry at her inevitable fall. Bonnie holds a strong place in my heart. She means a lot to me, personally and - while I know a lot of people have been loud about their calls for "representation" - I wasn't going to dilute who Bonnie is just to throw her in as a trope. She and her girls are and deserve so much more more that.

But I digress! Let's get back to the game! How does Bonnie's team play?

Right away, the Bandero Blondes have the widest array of ammunition types in the game. Bonnie's dual pistols fire the traditional pistol rounds, while the sharpshooter Miranda uses the rifle rounds and the Bandero Blondes each have shotguns. 

This variety of short, medium and long range weapons also provides for a host of opportunity in dishing devastation.

All that cover is useless to Kiyiya with the Blonde's shotgun at her hip.
Qaletaqa has finally met his match!

With their own weapons and styles come their own specialties in combat. The Bandero Blondes' close range shotguns often force them closer into danger. Fortunately, they're not without skills they've developed in their past life to "distract" would-be assailants. While Miranda's expertise and patience with a rifle almost guarantee a sure shot every time. Bonnie, herself is proficient in dual-dueling and can pick off multiple targets at a time. She's also the first character in the game to introduce the subtle hints of superpowers and the supernatural with her special "gift" she discovered within herself on that first, fateful night that launched her on this trajectory.

The Bandero Blondes are a colorful posse, full of fun cards that encourage participation at the table. but I'll have to leave it at that and let you discover for yourself how they can bring your next game night to life in a whole new way.

I'm really proud of the Bandero Blondes and the exponential replayability they bring to the High Noon table and I can't wait to get them out to you! As of early this morning, the posse is published on TableTopia and you can try them out for free by joining our Discord Server! Come play with us and try your hand with Bonnie Beecher and the Bandero Blondes!

What did you think of this update? Are you excited about the Bandero Blondes?  Leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Have you joined our Facebook Group or Discord server? That's where the party's at! Use the links to come on over!

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