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An easy-to-learn, tactical Western shoot 'em up for 2 or more players where no two games are ever the same!

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Mix, Mingle and Minis TOMORROW at 1pm GMT
about 3 years ago – Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 10:25:54 AM

If you've been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to hear more about High Noon before you make your pledge, here's your chance!

For those of you that love minis, PATMOCON is a 72 hour convention born out of lockdown necessity where industry and hobbyist can mingle. At 1pm UK time on Sunday Dwight will be talking to Andrew from BeardClipper YouTube channel (one of the all in backers and a returning backer from the first Kickstarter) about the game, the motivation and the future. 

We will also be playing a teaching game (Andrew has never played yet so come and have a chuckle at his mistakes) during the two hour live chat.

Tickets can be picked up here

Subscribe to Andrew's channel here

An Update for the Retailers
about 3 years ago – Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 01:43:44 PM

I'm dedicating this post to the backbone of our industry, the salt of the earth, our retailers. Of course, if you aren't a retailer, feel free to keep reading!

High Noon's Kickstarter is pretty unconventional by just about every metric. There are a lot of things that have become a standard that you're used to and discovering this standard has helped me to understand why retailers have left scratching their head at my Kickstarter. It's a completely different approach than most, but it's not entirely clear as to how it's different. So I want to straighten all of that out in this update and hopefully help to establish that this Kickstarter is actually and truly a Retailer's Kickstarter

Like my previous updates, I've broken this up into sections based on the feedback brought to me by retailers. We'll start with the low hanging fruit.

You're totally getting stretch goals

Not sure if this was clear or if this is a standard, but a backer is a backer. And as a backer, you are entitled to all stretch goals unlocked. This means you're getting the free upgrade pack of 3D chips and gold, the Kickstarter Exclusive loot cards to do whatever you want with, and a free unlocked add-on with every 4th stretch goal unlocked. As of this writing, we are a little less than $8,000 away from unlocking our first free add-on. That's free inventory for you.

There is no limit to what you order

The retailer pledge limited the purchase of 1 case off the container coming in. But it also includes access to our retailer pledge manager, which allows you to purchase additional cases and any other unlocked High Noon products as wholesale prices. You can order as many cases as you want. We just wanted to make sure all of our backers got their Starter Sets immediately after the campaign ended. We're not fans of sitting on inventory, so all remaining sets will also go immediately to the retailers who ordered them.

As it stands right now, there are roughly 1,000 copies of the Starter Set assigned to backers and Grubstakers. That still leaves thousands available to you retailers. So it stands to reason, if you order more than 1 case, you'll most likely get those right away as well.

"But how do I get more cases if I can't add more retail pledges?"

Just bump your pledge up by the amount of sets you want x $30 or the amount of cases you want x $180.It's that simple.

There is no other campaign that gives you a longer exclusive

That's not a dig at other campaigns. It's just a fact. They're going into production on your sets at the same time they are going into production on everyone else'. So you're getting your sets "first" but it's all off the same production run, which means they have to sit on that production to give you time to sell yours. They can't afford to sit on an entire production run for an extended period of time, that would be crazy.

We already produced our wave 1 run. It's here right now. And you're getting it right now. We begin our wave 2 production after the Kickstarter, which will give you 8-12 months of exclusive retail access to the sets we have for almost a year. Think about it: 30 days from somebody else vs 365 days from us. That's 12 times the amount most other campaigns give you!

The more you pledge, the more you can choose from

Probably the biggest fundamental difference between High Noon and other campaigns out there is we aren't a one-and-done. Expansions weren't an after-thought, "if this campaign does well, maybe I'll grow the brand later." Rather, the whole business model of High Noon is in the expansions. We have a 10-year plan for High Noon. We didn't launch this campaign to make money. We launched this campaign to fund the production of those expansions so we can hit the retail market with the largest offering right out of the gate.

This means every dollar that goes into this campaign goes towards unlocking expansions. Our stretch goals are fixed on those costs. So, let's say your retail pledges push us over the $125,000 mark, that means Father Franklin is also made available to you in the Retail Pledge Manager and you can add him to your pre-order. The same goes for any expansion unlocked during the campaign or during the late-pledge process.

The question then becomes, what do you think will impress your customers more? A single game on the shelf? Or racks of High Noon product that dominate a portion of your store? I'll answer that for you strictly from a marketing standpoint: It's all about impressions. The more a brand hits the eyeballs, the more likely the customer buys. The more you unlock ▶ the more you can diversify your final order ▶ the more you can impress on your customers ▶ the more you can sell.

So what's the better retail decision? Which option will make the biggest impact in your store? One branded box of a one-and-done Kickstarter? Or this:

If you're going to pledge, pledge NOW 

If you've made it this far, then you can see why the largest offering has the biggest impact. That's why it's important to pledge now, rather than wait until the pledge manager.

When you pledge now, you're bumping up that public number on the campaign page and unlocking stretch goals for the whole Kickstarter community. This doesn't just allow us to go into production on the expansions. It also allows backers to increase their pledges by adding the unlocked expansions, further driving us towards more stretch goals and more unlocks. It's a snowball effect that requires everyone's participation. 

By holding out until after the campaign ends, you are robbing yourself of the momentum necessary to give you the biggest offering. On the other hand, by pledging right now, you are helping to expand the wholesale catalog you'll be shopping from in the retail pledge manager.

If you're going to spend the money anyway, it makes the most sense to put it up now and get the absolute biggest bang for your buck. 

We're here to do business

If that means negotiating terms, we're open to it. Our email is open to it. Our direct message box is open to it. 

I'm seeing horror stories of game developers shutting off communication to their retail backers. That isn't us.  That's certainly not me. You should be able to tell just from the comments section of the campaign page that open communication is very important to me. I'm here for you and ready to talk to you. I even created a group specifically for retailers, so we can all get on the same page, answer questions and support each other in this venture.

If you've got a question, concern or an offer to put on the table, let's talk. 

And then let's do business.

High Noon and D6 Team Up For International Fulfillment
about 3 years ago – Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 02:06:27 AM

It's official!

After careful research of multiple high-value vendors to fulfill High Noon's pledges to our backers, we have made the decision to pull the trigger with D6 Publisher Resources.

The guys at D6 came highly recommended by Chris Kessler at Cephalofair (Gloomhaven/Frosthaven) and I just want to personally and publicly thank them for coming to the table in helping find a solution for us to  get our game to you guys. They didn't have to, and they did anyway and that means the world to me and the rest of the team.

D6 has a great reputation and an impressive list of partners they work with to make international fulfillment seamless. They've also made it possible to get these incredible international estimates to you guys, to set your hearts and minds at ease.

EU Zone 1: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden /// EU Zone 2: Bulgaria, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine /// Asia Zone 1: China, Hong Kong, Macao /// Asia Zone 2: Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam

Please note, these are simply estimates.

Once again, as you can see - if you can afford it - it pays to go All-In on the Everything & the Stove pledge as the $40 shipping allowance completely decimates these estimates. This is especially worthwhile given anything leftover from that allowance can go toward the delivery of future expansions to your doorstep.

Either way, for those of you concerned shipping would somehow be astronomical or any different from the countless Kickstarters that came before us, hopefully you can now see that is not - nor has it ever been - the case.

Now let's get back to work spreading the word about this campaign and kick the final half of this campaign into High Gear!

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Father Franklin is LIVE on Tabletopia (Here's a Sneak Peek)
about 3 years ago – Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 02:14:48 PM

Over the week, I did a silent roll out of Father Franklin in a Tabletopia update. He is now available for everyone to try out and see what all the fuss is about.

The first thing you might notice is Father Franklin's Pine Box comes with it's own character sheet. On this sheet are the rules for how to use the Pine Box along with its health tracker, built-in defense, gold value, ammo type and line of sight illustration.

Father Franklin also includes 2 miniatures to represent his active state: Mobile or Deployed. The Deployed miniature is 2x2inches and includes directional arrows to show which way he is aiming, as well as the marking for the cover Father Franklin is behind when he is deployed. Notice it only covers half of the miniature, so attacking from an angle, the sides or the back can circumvent this protection.

In play, it is easy to position Father Franklin from the bird's-eye view so you can see and control which way his arrows are pointing. From there, it's just a matter of unloading your hand into all of your enemies with the might of the most High!

While Father Franklin can move around the board in his mobile state, keep in mind the priest is encumbered by the weight of his Pine Box and may only move up to 3 squares. So take care not to get yourself surrounded by the enemy.

Like all posses, Father Franklin comes with his own deck of colorful cards full of tricks and surprises to let loose on the unrighteous.

Father Franklin and other expansion posses are available to play for free on Tabletopia through our High Noon Discord server and the High Noon team, along with myself, are available to play with you throughout the week. Beyond ourselves, the High Noon community has really blossomed into an incredible support group ready and eager to play with each other, help each other and create with each other to expand this fun little universe.

This was always the desire of the High Noon team. We want you to come play with us. Experience with us. Create with us.

We're here for you. Come on over.

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Shipping Update 2 (Your Questions Answered)
about 3 years ago – Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 03:51:19 PM

Last update about the shipment estimates stirred up quite a bit of controversy so I wanted to set the record straight about a few things and hopefully set your minds and hearts at ease. I was going to do this as a Q&A where I answered the specific questions asked, but that would be more like treating the symptoms, rather than the disease itself. So I'm going to do this point-by-point to get to the core issues and hopefully that will not only help you all understand the situation better and answer the questions asked but also answer questions that are maybe lingering in the back of your mind.

The estimates listed are for 2-9 days, not 3-6 months.

We wanted to get something out to you guys asap because there was a lot of concern about the total lack of estimates. So the moment we locked in our rapid-fulfillment provider, we lead with it and that's what you're seeing. 

Why does this matter? Because, for those of you trying to compare this to Kickstarters you're used to and make sense of it, you can't. Those Kickstarters spell out in their timeline how their fulfillment works and there's a good reason you get your games a year or 2 later. Those games have to travel to all of their various countries by snail-paced cargo ships and get processed into their hubs before they all go out. In many cases, those ships make multiple stops along the way, or the cargo has to be processed from one hub to another before it's settled in and ready to get to you.  Just this process alone can take months to accomplish.

The only way around this is to ship directly to one fulfillment center and let them fulfill orders through their various contracts with international carriers. These costs will be cheaper than what you would be paying if you fulfilled the orders yourself, but they are still expensive. But it means your backers get the products they backed in a few weeks, rather than a few months to a year.

The trade off in going the route of cargo ships, of course, is a drastically reduced shipping cost, which is what you are seeing in those Kickstarters. It's why they can provide you with those low rates. But what you'll notice they can't provide you is anywhere near a reasonable delivery time.

"Big deal," you say? "I want a low cost shipping estimate. I don't care if it takes months to get to me. I'm used to that."

We hear you...

We are talking to regional fulfillment hubs to get those super low estimates you're used to.

Our objective is to have one company per region, so each company specializes in fulfilling to their territories and can get us the lowest possible rates for you.  This is what all of the big Kickstarters do. This is a process and it doesn't happen overnight. These companies are getting inundated with requests from campaigns like us every day. Most of them are in completely different time zones, so a conversation that might otherwise take only a few minutes now requires a few days to get through.

While I can't say who we are talking to just yet, I can tell you they are established hubs that manage big campaigns you probably have heard about (or even backed). Provided we can come to terms, you can rest assured, the rates for shipping from those hubs will be very close to what you're used to, if not dead on.

You will have an option to receive your starter set with your stretch goals and add-ons.

Quite a few of you have expressed interest in waiting on receiving your starter set until everything else has been produced so you can bundle it all together to save money. This is absolutely an option, aptly named "Hold Your Horses." Ultimately, however you want the product delivered to you will be made available. But if you already don't mind waiting months to get everything, just wait a few days for us to sort out the regional hub situation. If we can get that sorted out (and I believe strongly that it will be sorted out very soon), with that savings, you won't have to.

Shipping directly from the factory is an option.

Have you ever bought something from Aliexpress or Wish or any of those Chinese websites, and paid next to nothing for shipping and received your item 25-30 days later?

The questionable quality/accuracy of the product aside, we also have this option available to you.  It's called ePacket and just about every one of our products qualifies for it. We will have rates for delivering everything we produce directly from the factory to your doorstep. I imagine this price will fall somewhere in the middle of the current rapid-fulfillment shipping and the fulfillment hub shipping.

Either way, all of these options will have their pros and cons. But they'll all be made available for you to choose for yourself.

 Ride or Die members can bundle their new items for cheaper shipping.

It's the same principle as up above, but I understand nobody wants to assume anything. But this has been asked, so the answer is yes.

Basically, we will have a database of our Ride or Die members, what they are eligible for and what they have already received. As we roll out new products, all members will be notified (though if they're paying any attention to our various pages and websites, they'll already know). At any time, they can contact us as to when and how they would like to receive these products. 

If you are a Ride or Die member and you want to hold off until there are a few expansions that you can bundle, you can do that.

But consider that you can also simply have your products shipped directly from the factory, so the cost to ship the item may be so inexpensive it doesn't matter. Either way, it is entirely up to you how and when you want your expansions so the opportunity to save on shipping is pretty much limitless.

So here's the tl/dr:

  • We're still working on our shipping options. 
  • At the end of the day, there will be plenty of affordable options. 
  • Many options will include estimates you are used to.

To all of our Ride or Die and diehard fans out there, thank you for your patience as we get all of this information out to you and thank you for your unwavering support! It's been a thrilling first half of the campaign and we're just getting started! 🤠

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