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An easy-to-learn, tactical Western shoot 'em up for 2 or more players where no two games are ever the same!

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But Let's Talk About High Noon's Minis (Picstravaganza!)
about 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 10:23:13 AM

The question of the quality of the minis vs their renders comes up a lot and - while I've posted images of them in the Facebook group - I realized that I haven't done diligence in sharing them here on the campaign page! Shame on me!

A little context for the minis is I wanted this game to be as accessible to the mass market as I could because High Noon is intended to be a gateway game to introduce people to board games in general. This meant that even the minis needed to be detailed enough to look nice on the table, but durable enough that they could be dropped by a clumsy child or squished under a bunch of things in a box, or even stepped on and everything would be OK. (Alright, maybe stepping on one is pushing it a bit. Don't try that one at home, kids.) So ultimately, we went with PVC.

Up until I received the QC sample, I was super nervous because up to then I'd been printing all of the minis in my Anycubic Photon and that puppy can really churn out the detail! I was super concerned that the quality would be lost somehow in the injection molding or something. I was also worried that paint might not stick well to the material.

So I painted one. Please note, I'm not a painter. I'm pretty bad at it compared to a great many minis painters out there. (maybe it shows)

Overall, I think the final minis turned out great and work well for the casual gamer and minis painter.

I ended up painting all of the minis and put them on the table to see what the game might look like.

I know I'm biased, but I think the Starter Set minis came out gorgeous and will look great - painted or not - on any game table.

Of course, I didn't stop there. Of course I painted all of the snazzy stretch goal posses as well 😉

Father Franklin
Grizzly Greenwood
Sitting Bear's Warband
The Bandero Blondes
Maaravi the Magnificent
Gov. Gideon McGrady
Miroslav Zoric
Monco & McAtte
The Abernathy Gang
The Jenkins Brothers
Montana Azul's Los Hermanos

You get the idea.

What did you think of this update? Do these minis pass your test?  Are you eager to take your own brush to a posse?  If so, which posse are you the most excited about painting? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Have you joined our Facebook Group or Discord server? Use the links to come on over!

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You Want a Timeline? You Got A Timeline (And a Rant)
about 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 08:27:37 PM

There's been a lot of commotion in the comments and my inbox about when certain posses are coming out, if they're going to make an appearance in this campaign and specifically when certain posses were planned for release.

Well, wonder no more! Here is the current line-up of upcoming posse expansions on the stretch goal timeline right after Henry "Grizzly" Greenwood.

As always, there will be write-ups on each one as they are unveiled in the Kickstarter so you'll get to see what makes each of them truly unique and what they add to the flavor of the game.

I can't wait to share these posses with you. But we need to get there first. And that starts with Father Franklin. You're absolutely going to love that expansion. And not just because of the wicked-cool minis that come with it.

And with that, it's time for a new segment I like to call...

Depending on how many backers I lose from this post, this may be the only HHHT I do 😅, but I'm going to soapbox for a minute here.  I know there is this growing trend of "minis-focused value" and frankly I think it's absolutely ruining board games. There's nothing wrong collecting minis to grow your custom armies for your RPG campaigns. Lord knows I'm a culprit with no room to talk. And I've met a lot of great people who collect minis just to paint them and display them. That's not what I'm talking about.

I'm seeing this alarming movement of direction in the game development industry where developers create boxes of miniatures and pretend it's a "game." They'll throw a few (or a metric ton of) rules on how to move them and throw dice on the board. I mean, yeah, I guess that's a game. But it's so surface-level, it's unsustainable. It's why a lot of those games never make it off the shelf after the first playthrough. They're not games. Can we please at least be honest about that? They're self-glorified "look at the cool minis I thought of." That's nice dude, but HeroForge.

It's fine. It's more than fine. 

It's even kind of cool and I back a lot of these projects for what they are, but not what they aren't

The Problem is: we are starting to forget that. 

The line between what is a game and what is a collection of miniatures and components crying out for an excuse to be used in a game is getting more blurred every day. And that wouldn't be a problem if people weren't complaining about it. But they are. Along with this growing trend of not-games, is a growing trend of conversations about whether or not there is a fatigue from all of the new games churning out. 

I maintain there isn't. There's a fatigue of not-games pretending to be games and nobody's willing to call them out for it.

Where's this ramble coming from? I'll admit I recently saw a comment on an unboxing video of High Noon where someone theorized the price of the game was based on the cost of the polystyrene game tiles (it isn't) because - from what they saw of the components (and only the components) - they believed the entire game was valued at an obscenely low price. 

Now, look, they're not the first to say something about the assets of the game. While the vast majority of people who have seen and touched the game love the quality of the assets, there's always going to be somebody who expects more or better and I respect that. It keeps us honest, reminds us we're not perfect and there's always room to improve.

This person's perceived value of High Noon's components themselves aside, what triggered me was the realization that this is where we've finally arrived in this industry and it's entirely why people are getting fatigued. We're valuing a game based solely on its components and giving zero credence to the actual gameplay. We're not looking for the game anymore. We're looking for the components and then complaining that we can't find any good games to play. It's a self-licking ice cream cone.

It's also completely unfair and why I don't really care for unboxing videos. How is someone going to say that a tactical combat game with arrangeable polystyrene game tiles, 14 detailed miniatures (10 of which are entirely unique), hundreds of colorful tokens and hundreds of cards with beautiful artwork is "a $35 game" but Ticket To Ride with it's 1 tiny miniature duplicated a hundred times, cards that aren't even standard scale and one cardboard game board is legitimately valued at $50? Sold over 8 million copies at that price. It's a fun game I can play with the kids, so I'll tell you what, I'm not going to argue about their price that over 8 million people (including myself) looked at and said, "yeah I'll pay that," if you don't argue about mine.

Heck, we just had a whole day of some guy blowing up the comments section because his perception of value was so outrageously low, he thought he should get all of the posses, their miniatures, their cards, their tokens, their packaging and - most importantly - their gameplay for free with the $52 pledge.

I had a guy want a free Starter Set because he "pledged" $1 on the last campaign and called me an "a-hole" for politely declining his request.

Oh, don't believe me?

I knew this would be a challenge going into the creation of High Noon and that's why I created Father Franklin, boot propped defiantly on machine gun coffin, cloak blowing in the wind, mouth wide open in a battle-cry prayer. I knew that, regardless of how fun the game is to play and how versatile it is and how many times you can play it and enjoy a completely different experience every time, there's always going to be this huge swath of the market that's going to say "that's nice, but are the minis cool?"

So yeah. Father Franklin's minis are cool. They're slick and awesome. Don't take my word for it. Just ask ComicBook.com and WWG.

But the real value of Father Franklin is the same exact real value of each and every other posse in High Noon: Gameplay.

And in terms of gameplay, you don't have to take my word for that either. You can ask the nearly 200 members of the High Noon Discord group or the 1,500+ members of the Facebook Group that regularly play the game over and over and over again. 

Shoot, you can join the server and play the game with all of the posses and judge for yourself.

You're going to find that we have a rare opportunity here to launch a fun and replay-able game into the stratosphere and we have just over 20 days left to do it. Not just miniatures. An actual, legitimate, fully fleshed out, enjoyable game.

This wasn't meant as a downer post. It's just something I am very passionate about. I want to re-energize this industry and get people truly excited about playing games again. I don't have any delusions that I'm the only one doing this or that High Noon is the only game out there to achieve this. But I do believe High Noon does its part in this mission very well, and I am repeatedly humbled by the countless people who come to me to tell me how much fun they had playing my game and how they can't wait to play again.

We've completely decimated our goal at this point and we are going into the market with multiple expansions, so whether or not we go any higher than this, we've already won. All of us have.

Need I remind you, we did this?

But I'm not gonna lie. I want to achieve more! 😅 I want to climb higher! I want to unlock Father Franklin! And then I want to unlock Grizzly Greenwood! And then I want to unlock everything else, from the posses down to the Kenzo Envoy and and across the vast expanse of game tiles we have for forests and mountains and big cities and more! I want to roll out the whole caboodle!

Just throwing out a number here, but if we reached $500,000, we could do that. And, dagnabit, if Western Legends (a $75 game, by the way) could raise $568,000 with fewer assets and fewer stretch goal giveaways, by Jove, we can too! 😂

Now let's get out there and show the world that fun games still exist and there's still plenty of room and demand for them. Let's show the world what the High Noon Ride or Die posse is made of.  Let's get people talking about High Noon and let's take High Noon to high moon! 🤠

What did you think of this update? Are you ready for these stretch goals to unlock?  Are you All-In to take us to $500,000? Want more High Noon Hot Takes? If so, what would you like the next topic to be about? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Have you joined our Facebook Group or Discord server? Use the links to come on over!

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The Grey Ghosts Enter the Fray! (And a Holy One Walks Penitently Behind Them)
about 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 06:35:18 PM

Thanks to the unwavering support of our fans, and the steady growth of new backers, we reached the $105k milestone this morning and unlocked the Bloodcreek Bushwhackers which means all of you are getting 9 more Kickstarter Exclusive loot cards and the Bushwhacker posse has been added to the Optional Buy store for $25 (MSRP $30)! Of course, everyone in our Ride or Die posse at the All-In Everything & the Stove tier will be getting this expansion for free!

Behind the Bushwhackers walks a man with piety and pine box; the defrocked deacon of destruction: 

Father Franklin.

Once a devout apostle of the cloth, when the Vatican sold the land from under his abbey to the Royal Import Company who then slaughtered his flock, Father Franklin realized the corruption of the Church and took on a new mission of God: to cleanse the world of wickedness. Setting his sights toward the highest point of venality, the "Pinebox Priest" marches from chapel to chapel, baptizing the blasphemous with 7.62mm, and any other evildoers who stand in the way of his calling.

When not in prayer, Franklin is of little words, letting the deadly Madsen machine gun he carries in his casket do most of the talking. But the preacher's line he walks is razor thin, challenging the very boundaries of his own moral compass to do the Lord's work. While his righteous steps have lead him through plenty of valleys of deathly shadows, Franklin is not one to miss an opportunity to "acquire" items off their recently deceased - or thereabouts - proprietors, not without their Eucharist, of course.

Father Franklin is a 2 Miniature posse, where one miniature allows Franklin to move around the battlefield to position his other miniature, serving as his deployed machine gun mode.

While deployed, Franklin can use any card in his deck as an attack card and may play as many of these cards as he wants or has. He is the first posse to have a completely different line of sight, which is a wide cone of death starting with 2 tiles and spreading outwards, 10 spaces ahead, creating a terrifying kill-zone. 

While deployed, the Pine Box also serves as cover in front of him, providing an indomitable defense.

Father Franklin unlocks at $120,000 and we are making steady progress in that direction. If you are sitting on the fence about upgrading your pledge to All-In, consider that Franklin will also be included in that pledge if unlocked or when produced! It pays to Ride or Die!

What did you think of this update? Are you excited about adding the Bushwhackers to your pledge?  Are you ready to meet your maker or send your opponents to theirs? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Have you joined our Facebook Group or Discord server? Use the links to come on over!

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We Kept Our Promise (Now Here's Another One)
about 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 08, 2021 at 04:01:50 PM

Gather 'round, folks. And let me tell you a little story.

Last year, we launched a Kickstarter campaign.  We weren't happy with it. So we cancelled it, even after it had achieved its funding goal. We didn't take a dime of anybody's money. But we knew that by cancelling a "successful" Kickstarter, we'd raised some significant questions about our integrity. And when you're just establishing yourself, your integrity is all you got.

So I did something a little crazy. I promised all of our original backers a free copy of the Starter Set when the game was released, just as a way of saying "thank you" to the folks who were willing to go out on a limb and back a couple of nobody's, pledging hundreds of dollars of their money to what could have been a scam, for all they knew. (There's a whole YouTube channel dedicated to Kickstarter scams)

People couldn't believe it. It sounded insane to them. They couldn't wrap their head around how or why a company would give away upwards of 500 copies of a game for free. I wasn't able to get them to understand then and I'm certainly not going to try now. But it didn't matter because whether or not they believed I was going to do this outrageous thing, I did it anyway.

Of course, it required participation from those getting the free game. They still had to do a few steps, but they were easy:

The first two were to keep them updated on the progress of the game and relaunch, while the last was to build the database so we knew who'd be getting the free game. I called this database of original backers, "Grubstakers."

Not everybody climbed on board. Even though everything I was asking was free, and even though I was willing to make exceptions for people who didn't have a Facebook or YouTube account, there were still quite a few people who scoffed at the offer. 

I don't know if any of them are regretting that decision, but despite any doubt that what I was promising was real, a few short days before the new Kickstarter relaunch, I corralled the Grubstakers together into one group so I could coordinate with them and we are now gathering all of their updated information to track their free game and some other awesome perks within this campaign. You see, despite telling them they were getting the game for free regardless of whether or not they pledged on this campaign, they still pledged anyway. Most of them went All-In (Everything & the Stove).

We were loyal to them. And in turn, they are loyal to us.

That's what we are about, here. It's what we've always been about. Loyalty.

When we created the Everything & the Stove pledge, we initially made it for our loyal followers who have been with us from the very beginning and who have jumped onboard our bandwagon even after we cancelled our Kickstarter. They were begging us to give them an excuse to max out their credit cards, so we obliged. We had no idea the pledge tier would be so popular with everyone, especially new backers who had no idea who we were. 

And yet, here we are again, attracting people who have no idea who we are and they are shelling out large amounts of money to make our dream a reality. So, to the Grubstakers, you know I got your back. And to you new folk, welcome to the family. 

This is where we get to the point of the story:

Last year, we formed a posse of Grubstakers and those Grubstakers stood by us. This year, new blood has joined the posse and together, they are holding the line with powerful All-In pledges that drove us toward unlocking the first 3 stretch goals in the first 3 days. Today, we name you our Ride Or Die posse.

We've said over and over that our objective is to hit retail with the largest offering. But it's critical to understand it won't be the only offering. High Noon is unlike any other Kickstarter out there. This is not about getting a one-shot funding goal to produce a thing and trash everything else that doesn't get funded and then maybe do another Kickstarter later for reprints. We are establishing a brand with the singular mission to expand on that brand, just as other tabletop games have expanded theirs.

Our retail rollout so far, thanks to you

Will it take more time to achieve if it isn't done on this Kickstarter? Sure. But just because we don't unlock something now doesn't mean we won't go into production on it later. It just means we'll need to build and expand more organically, and that's OK. That's how Warhammer did it. That's how Dungeons & Dragons did it. Are we to suggest we are any better than them or deserve to work any less than they had to? If that's what we have to do, so be it.

But because of you, our Ride or Die posse, we will have an incredibly strong entrance into the market, a powerful flex that turns heads and makes people pay attention. Because of you, our Ride or Die posse, we will be a brand people recognize and explore and invest in. 

You've been loyal to us. Now it's time to show our loyalty to you.

A year ago, I made a promise and a year later, I kept it. Now I'm here to make another one.

Everyone who pledges at the Everything & the Stove pledge and stays at that level all the way through the campaign, regardless of how many stretch goals we unlock, will be added to an exclusive High Noon Ride or Die Club

These chosen few will receive everything High Noon releases before anyone else. You'll be our market testers, our product consultants, our privileged insiders and everything we bring to market, you will get.

How will it work?

After the Kickstarter, we will launch our High Noon website, where a community forum will exist. There, we will discuss all things High Noon related. We'll also have a secret Facebook group for announcements for those who prefer to stay on that platform. As expansions go into development, they will be announced in the hub and Facebook group. They'll also be made available in the Discord server, where you all can test them out and provide your feedback. And when they're ready to ship out, they'll go out like any other mailer club.

Now, I fully expect my Ride or Die posse to be exactly that. When you get these expansions, you had better tell the whole world how awesome they are. And you better tell them how incredible and loyal we are to our backers. And when we launch any future Kickstarters for our bigger roll-outs, we're going to be watching to see if you're really with us. But who are we kidding? Of course you are. 😉

Let's ride!

What did you think of this update? Have you been sitting on the fence about going All-In?  Are you already a Ride or Die posse member ready to go the distance with us? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Have you joined our Facebook Group or Discord server? Use the links to come on over!

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We Want To Thank You (So Here's How We Did)
about 1 year ago – Sat, Mar 06, 2021 at 11:20:47 PM

It's been an incredible first 2 days and we are so pumped about the response from everyone and blessed to have you all supporting this great project of ours, that we spent the last 3 years pouring our hearts into. We can't thank you all enough but we'll keep thanking you every chance we get. This is one of those chances to thank you, but before I go into that, I want to add a little context to it.

From the very beginning, this campaign has been about bringing the most robust offering of High Noon to the retail marketplace, not just Kickstarter. This is why we stress the focus of the posses vs the assets within them. This isn't a CMON campaign. And that's no slight against them (we're backing their current campaign all the way because...c'mon!).  Whereas their campaigns are mostly focused on their core game, with stretch goals being exclusives that will likely never see the light of day beyond Kickstarter, creating a FOMO to drive money toward them, our campaign isn't a cash grab. It never has been.

We said from the beginning that we already produced the Starter Set. It's going into the retail marketplace whether this campaign succeeded or not. The $60,000 goal was to finance the initial expansions (Monco & McAtte, Jenkins Brothers, Abernathy Gang and Marketplace). With our goal met, we've already succeeded. The rest is just icing. Now we'll be able to enter the market and start populating game store shelves with sexy cool High Noon packaging like this!

And it's all thanks to all of our backers! You guys made this happen. It couldn't have been done without you.

Of course, we're not done. We still have 28 days to go with plenty of expansions to unlock. As of this writing, we're sitting around $93,500, just $1,500 shy of our next stretch goal. $93,500 is a LOT of money. We're still kind of shocked we even got there. All day, I've been thinking about how we could celebrate this achievement and throw some more value at you guys. This evening, I sat down with the team and went over our early financial planning and compared it to what we have going on.

For the last year,  we've been working entirely in the world of What-If. No matter how well we planned or how many numbers we crunched, at the end of the day, while as close to reality as it was, it wasn't real. Nothing could possibly be real until the time of launch when the real backers came to the table. Nothing was real until you guys showed up.

Now that we have a real picture, we have a bit more freedom to do some things. We still have to be prudent, to ensure we're able to fulfill whatever we promise, but now we know what we can promise beyond the initial pledge tiers.

We want you guys to have as many posses and expansions as you can fit on your table, especially you All-In backers. We understand the ask was high and we want to fill that bucket to the brim. You've brought us one heck of a distance from where we started and we want to thank you any chance we can get. 

That's why we're going to go ahead and unlock the Los Hermanos stretch goal right now. You've earned it and we can afford it. That's how we do things. That's an 8th posse straight into the hands of everyone who is All-In on the Everything & the Stove pledge. Everyone else can grab them as an add-on in the Optional Buy store for $30 (MSRP $35). 

And it's a huge posse, guys. An 8x10 polystyrene Saloon starting tile, 5 miniatures, 5 character sheets, additional gold and chip tokens and 40 posse cards. This posse is a beast and super fun to play. They add a lot of character and chaos to the board. You can watch our breakdown of this posse here.

Unlocking this stretch goal reveals the next two: The Bloodcreek Bushwhackers and Father Franklin.

We'll be publishing an update for each posse soon, but for now, here's a sneak peak at their minis. 

We're also squeezing the stretch goals even tighter so you can unlock them faster. Most goals will be around $15,000 apart. 

Frankly - with the standard fare campaigns giving away a single mini or a couple of cards every $30,000+ - with as much value packed into High Noon's stretch goals this close together, you just can't find anything like this anywhere else. That's why we need all of you to spread the word about this campaign and help us reach our goals so we can dish these posses out to you.

We're only going up from here, family. It's an honor to have you all along for the ride. Now let's get out there and unlock these posses and make High Noon the strongest roll-out of an indie game into the retail market the world has ever seen!